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Just a Drink


It’s Friday afternoon. Perhaps many of you are used to coming home from a rough day at work and looking forward to a drink. Maybe that used to be your normal. Maybe you have a drink every evening after work. Maybe now you are working from home, which for many of us, is not less stressful. Perhaps it’s worse, maybe you are on furlough or laid off. Has your drinking increased? Is it getting in the way of things? Is it starting earlier in the day or lasting later into the night?

Many people are finding themselves more stressed these days, more anxious, and feeling more alone. Relationships are being tested and home/work life balance is blurry at best.


I want you to know that it is a difficult time. There are more stresses. At the same time, I’m going to challenge you. You don’t need to drink to get through it. These times will inevitably pass.

Let me be very clear – I’m not saying that alcohol is black or white, good or bad. I’m not saying it isn’t ok for some to have a drink. I’m speaking now to anyone who feels that it is getting to be too much, getting in the way of life, creating a new normal they (or often someone they love) are not ok with, or altogether have found themselves in the midst of a relapse. If this resonates, there is help out there.


I know right now getting to a meeting is tough. They do have zoom meetings, but admittedly, you need some technological savvy. Sponsors are still taking phone calls from sponsees, but I get it, it is easier to just put it in your mind to “take care of this later,” to “wait for now,” because “everything is up in the air anyway”. I worry about this mindset. For some, it represents the beginning of the end; a rationalization they have used too many times before.


I am worried that during these times people will develop an alcohol use disorder or fall out of recovery. You aren’t alone and there is help available. As stated above, meetings are still happening. People in the medical field are still working. Please don’t wait for this to be over to get help. If you or a loved one is struggling, please seek treatment. There are a lot of good and effective treatment options so please contact myself (or someone else local to you) and get help. If you need treatment from a psychiatrist, please contact me at 954-755-2885. My office is located at 5551 North University Drive, Suite 202, Coral Springs, Florida 33067, part of Kimmel Psychology. I have telepsychiatry available, so it’s not necessary for you to actually come to an office to receive treatment.


Resources for online meetings:

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