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It’s getting old, it still feels different...


For many, this year’s celebrations of Passover and Easter have been/were very different. Homes which are normally bustling with activity and people were bare, tables had empty chairs, and perhaps the four questions were sung by your 60 something year old spouse. For those who normally attend a religious service, praying alone or being part of a congregation on the TV or laptop wasn’t the same at all. I can’t speak to Easter, but I can say for sure that Seder was a very different and lonely experience. I feel for all of you who had similar situations. Even those who were “zooming” in family, it wasn’t the same – you can’t hug or hold hands with a computer screen and you certainly can’t cook for it. Anyone else feel like nobody knows how to cook a small holiday meal?


Many people are still struggling and suffering. If they can work from home, challenges abound; if you are braving going out because you are essential, I pray that you realize how important you are and know at the end of the day, you are making a difference. If you are finding yourself recently unemployed or on furlough, I can’t begin to imagine how scary things are getting. In South Florida and many other parts of the country, covering your face in public businesses is now mandated (or some similar language). It feels like an apocalyptic time and that any minute now, we will begin to see roving gangs in big wheeled vehicles and tumbleweeds roaming the streets.


But in the stores, shelves are starting to replenish, packages are being delivered, and people are learning to use technology and adapt. We are a highly malleable species; industrious and determined. I will repeat that because I think it is important for people to know. We ARE a highly malleable species; industrious and determined!


I know things are still different and it’s getting tiresome. It’s getting old and no matter what, it will never feel like business as usual, until we get back to normal.


But here’s what I’m going to ask: What do you want to be different when things return to normal? What don’t you want to be the same? Do you want others to be more considerate and friendlier? Calmer? More even keeled? Do YOU want to more considerate and friendlier, calmer and more even keeled? Do YOU want to be more prepared? Do YOU want to LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE?


Are you still silently struggling? Still holding back those tears, or crying them alone at night? Are you still fearful and anxious? Are you still desperately drinking that internal monologue into silence? Are you one of the millions who knew there are worldwide deadly illnesses before Coronavirus – and praying your dealer shows up soon with your fix? Please remember that I’m still here. Even if it’s through telehealth – we can’t shake hands, but we can say hello. We can talk and try and find solutions and treatment. We can work together and help you attain your goals.


As I said in an earlier post, I am discounting initial psychiatric evaluations by 30% and 50% for medical personnel. Times are tough but accessing treatment shouldn’t be. My office is located at 5551 North University Drive, Suite 202, Coral Springs, Florida 33067, part of Kimmel Psychology, but right now I am working remotely, using telehealth. I have evening hours available and want to help. Call me at 754-812-1111 or 954-755-2885.

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