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I think one thing that has been coming up a lot during this pandemic is partnership. People are stuck inside and while things may be lessening in some areas, we are all probably still spending more time at home than usual. It begs the question, how are you getting along with your partner, if you have one?


I hate to bring up negativity, but we know that while some partnerships are thriving in these times, others are falling apart at the seams. Abuse rates are on the rise as I’m sure are regular arguments and possibly the need for mediation services. It has been speculated by some that divorce rates will significantly increase after people have been quarantined together for several months. If that fits your circumstance, are you handling things safely? Are you talking out your issues, learning perhaps how to use “I statements” more effectively (I posted some examples of this earlier) and coming to amicable resolutions? If you find yourself in hiding, trying to escape violence or worse, please seek help. There are resources available and while I realize it may not be easy and people are fearful of contracting coronavirus, there are worse things out there. Unfortunately, abusive relationships rarely end with all parties in one piece. There are domestic abuse hotlines and resources available and safe ways to get to this information. Please be safe.


I hope you find yourself instead seeing the opposite - seeing a relationship that is thriving and stronger now than ever. This is not to say that you cannot argue with a loved one and partner – that is NORMAL. But I hope you are getting more out of this quarantine period than simply catching up on Netflix. Perhaps you are getting to see a new side, maybe seeing some of the challenges that the other person deals with regularly – a difficult boss or coworker, the stress your job imposes, perhaps that watching the kids isn’t about just sitting on the couch? Maybe you are seeing that your partner is a unique match for you that is like no other?


Then of course, there are those that do not yet have a partner (or don’t want one). How are you coping? Hopefully you are still connecting with friends and loved ones, utilizing safe practices and technology of course. If you are finding yourself feeling the difficulty of being alone, I encourage you not to just rush into a relationship. Partnership is important and it takes effort to find your match – someone who complements you and helps you to be the best version of yourself. And while it can at times be found in the most unlikely of places, sometimes a toad and a transformer just don’t mix.


I wish you all the best safety and health.

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