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We're In This Together


Who would’ve ever thought that something so small could show us how close we really are? Yes, I know everybody is social distancing and things are impossibly difficult right now. I don’t intend to minimize that in any way. I did want, nay need, to share this thought though.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. We are currently in a worldwide pandemic – I hope I haven’t shocked anyone by this statement. A microscopic virus, something that wasn’t discovered until the late 19th century, something that we don’t even know whether or not to classify as living or not, has united everyone on the planet. Admittedly, we have been united in chaos and turmoil, but there is solace in knowing that for the first time I can ever think of, I can say with confidence that not only am I going through something similar to someone in California, but I’m dealing with something similar to someone in Venice, Moscow, and Beijing!


Again, I don’t want to suggest that this is anything to jump for joy about, but we as humans, let’s face it, forget on a regular basis that we are all one species. We fight about differences in religious beliefs, politics, sexual practices, sports teams – you name it, we have differences. And yet, right now, because of this tiny little organism, I am working from home. I am not leaving my house and neither are my neighbors but, more than that, neither are your neighbors. Yes, some people are still going out to buy essential items or need to go to work, etc.; and to those I cannot say thank you enough. But altogether, more of us are staying in and avoiding social engagements. More of us are having zoom meetings and video get togethers, watching TV, playing games, having virtual classes and online school than ever before! There is something majestic about this.


Many of you might be thinking, ‘yeah, we get it, and the point?’ The point is about when this is over. When we can all go out and live our lives again, socialize in person, go to the office, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to remember we are all humans. No matter your religious beliefs, political leanings, sexual orientation, or if you like the Yankees or Red Sox, we ARE ALL HUMAN. We all deserve to remember that. So when you are feeling sad or lonely, frustrated or insecure, nervous or downright angry, you are NOT ALONE. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING. It is normal and ok to feel badly, stressed, upset, or pissed off - to a degree.


The questions you should ask yourself are, “Am I feeling this way because of the current situation, or because I always feel this way? Am I just stressed cause everything is different, or do I suffer from anxiety? Am I sad and lonely because I can’t go out and see friends and family, or am I still alone while surrounded by my closest loved ones?”


If any of the latter answers fit your circumstance better, you may be suffering with mental health issues. Please seek treatment. If you aren’t sure, maybe it’s time to take a deeper look? Here is a gauge – if you would tell someone else that they might be suffering from depression/anxiety or that they would benefit from seeing/speaking to someone, then think about taking your own advice.


Just a reminder, I am discounting initial psychiatric evaluations by 30% for all and 50% for medical personnel. Times are tough but accessing treatment shouldn’t be. My office is located at 5551 North University Drive, Suite 202, Coral Springs, Florida 33067, part of Kimmel Psychology, but right now I am working remotely, using telehealth. I have evening hours available and want to help. Call me at 754-812-1111 or 954-755-2885.

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